STRIP Instant Extra Strength Detox Drink

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STRIP’s Instant Acting Super Concentrated Detox Drink is 16 ounces of the latest total body cleansing technology. The unique Psyllerol blend is an exclusive formula of herb, amino acids, and vitamins which enable the body to expel pollutants at an extremely high rate. This product is formulated for a large body mass (over 200 lbs.) and high toxin levels. This product requires no consumption of water. It works instantly and is effective for 8 hours. This product carries a 100% manufacturer’s guarantee! .


Shake well and drink entire contents. Drink plenty of water but not to excess. The more water the better while cleansing. Urinate frequently.

3 reviews for STRIP Instant Extra Strength Detox Drink

  1. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worth the money!

    Aija W. (New Jersey)
  2. I took this product in preparation for a urine test. Turns out I only got a spit test to take. Either way..............I PASSED!

    Jody Y. (California)

    Stanley R. (Nevada)
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