Alcohol (Saliva) Home Test Kit


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When you need to know if someone has been drinking and at what level their alcohol concentration is, use this Alcohol (Saliva) Home Test Kit!  Get results within minutes!


Ethanol is the most common toxic substance encountered today in the medical industry.  The distribution of alcohol in saliva and blood is well established with the concentration of ethanol in saliva being approximately 1.07 times higher than the corresponding blood alcohol level.  


Within 10 minutes after eating or drinking anything, especially substances containing alcohol, collect your sample and test for alcohol levels in yourself, your family, or friends!


The test is easy-to-use and provides results as accurate as a blood test. This alcohol test serves customers in workplace testing, criminal justice and in hospital emergency, psychiatric and occupational health departments.


Contents: 1 Test Panel


Actively swab around the cheeks, gums and under the tongue for 30 seconds until the cotton swab is thoroughly saturated. Place the test on a flat surface. Gently twist the collector into the entry port. Apply gentle steady pressure until the pink fluid passes the QA spot at the end of the device. Allow the test to develop for 2 minutes. Read the highest point of the purple bar, using the scales provided. the QA spot should be dark purple to indicate a valid test result along with the alcohol level of the individual.


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