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PURICLEAN INSTANT Max Cleanser allows you to access 5x the cleansing power of most cleansers!  This environmentally-friendly product allows you to purchase the effective cleansing formulation without paying for water.  Dilute PURICLEAN INSTANT Max Cleanser’s proprietary formula yourself and get the full benefit of a full-strength cleanser.  Feel the Power of Clean!

There are so many benefits to the Instant Max Cleanser:

Discreet and Easy to Carry!

There is no downtime after cleansing!

Works immediately after urinating 3-4 times!

and finally, regardless of your weight, this formula works, that’s right…..NO WEIGHT LIMIT!


Available Flavors: Watermelon, Fruit Punch


Pour Max Cleanser formula into a 32 oz. bottle.  Shake well and drink entire bottle.  Drink frequently, but not to excess.  Urinate frequently to expel unwanted pollutants.   Helpful Tip:  Avoid food for at least 3 hours before using this product.  Drink plenty of water before and after drinking this product.


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