Orgazyme Clitoral Stimulation Cream



NEW AND IMPROVED FORMULA! Have multiple orgasms! Orgazyme™, is a topical cream clinically designed for women who wish to increase the number and intensity of their orgasms, eliminate vaginal dryness, and raise low libido levels. Enjoy a healthier sex life! You deserve to have and enjoy a healthy and exciting sex life. Orgazyme™ is designed to promote healthier sexual experiences. Nitric oxide is the principle mediator of clitoral erection. Nitric oxide helps relax the smooth muscles in sexual organs allowing thousands of tiny vessels there to swell with blood. L-Arginine combined with L-Ornithine is known to enhance the nitric oxide production cycle and increase the effects. Combine thouse with T-3 Arginol and the QuSome’ delivery system and you have one of the industry’s most powerful stimulation gels on the market! Contents: One 0.8 ounce tube.


Apply a small drop onto your fingertip and gently massage into tissue on the underside of the clitoris.

2 reviews for Orgazyme Clitoral Stimulation Cream

  1. Had a Great Time! Thanks! (3.5 Thumbs Up)

    Robert P. (Arizona)
  2. I keep a tube of this in my bathroom just never want to be without it. It works for me and my mate! (4 Thumbs Up)

    Stanley K. (California)
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