Sublingual - B12

Sublingual - B12
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Folic Acid and vitamin B12 formula is designed to provide a supplement to lower homocysteine levels, elevate mood and energy and combat chronic fatigue syndrome. Folic Acid with vitamin B12 potentially lowers the incidence of colon cancer and provides general health for cell reproduction.

  • Regain the energy of your youth
  • Free yourself of daily stress and anxiety
  • Live a happier, more productive life
  • Restore your mental clarity and avoid memory loss


Sublingual B-12 gives your body the vitamin B-12 nutrients it needs to naturally give you: Increased energy, Restored mental clarity, and help with memory loss. Reduced daily stress and irritability and many other great health benefits Doctors know the health benefits of the B vitamin family and have administered vitamin B-12 shots to patients for years—patients who were feeling sluggish, tired, down, or forgetful—and they've seen remarkable results.


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